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PostSubject: Power Gm App   Power Gm App EmptyTue Jun 28, 2011 10:56 am

Hello there ...

this is my fast GM application :






UTC +03:00



Why do you want to be a GM here for:

because i got invited by the owner , and i left the server that i was there a gm , to come here ..

What would you do when your a GM:

Do my job ,Of being a GM there is non special Reason Because that the GM can be set for many reason ..
for example : Ban hackers , helping people , try to get the server better, host events ex..

Can you create items spawn monsters host events etc:

I didn't understood the question very well but if you mean what i can do to host better event by spawning monsters ... its sure thing for ex. if we have a T.J event and
the map was easy , i must do something to make it harder , and fantastic.

If some one was sexually harassing another player what would you do:

if the other side ( the other player ) won't that happening , i can warn the 1st player because hes annoying the other player.

If a hacker came on and only done 21million damage what would you do:

Before everything i just go in hide and go to be SURE that hes hacking , then take a screenshot , then give him him a free banned Razz

If the server were to crash suddenly what attempts would you make or to tell the owner it's crashed:

contact him or anyone can restart the server : contact him via his messenger.

When did you start to play inFamousMS:

from the begin, full meaning : from the server started breath.

Will you follow the rules:

Yes, Of course.

How professional are you at being GM rate 1/10:

i cant rate my self because anyone would make his rate 10 But ,,, i don't know ...
** the rate 8-9/10

Are you mature enough to manage other players problems and help solve them:

Yup , very sure iam doing anything to solve the problem even if i needed help from another GM that have more experience than me.

Will you be active alot:

Yup , since i have no school currently.

How are you going to help us:

This question you can find the answer in the other Answer ,
** Giving my idea's , make better community , invite players if i can.

Why do you like being GM in servers:

Well with GM position i can make friends easy Razz , Famously , experiencing , many reason.


huh ... Swimming, killing , internet and gaming.


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PostSubject: [Owner]inFamous Reply   Power Gm App EmptyWed Jun 29, 2011 4:14 am

Hey Power i read your application it's not too bad umm not too sure yet. You won't get accepted straight away as i need think about it more... If you don't recieve a message from me on msn/ here in the next 2-3 days then you are denied as a GM. If you receive a message on msn/ here in 24-48 hours then your accepted.

Thankyou inFamous ~ Chris
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PostSubject: Re: Power Gm App   Power Gm App EmptyWed Jun 29, 2011 11:44 am

well, i know i'am bad at applying but i know that
iam good at GMing well as i said my bad application denied
by hellyms owner too , but when he made me a GM he saw
how iam helpfull that why i was GM in hellyms for long time ..
and you can ask the owner or the old mates of the gm teams ..
they know lot about me , of course more than u know about me ..

there should a test time , Maybe you will delete what u typed up
there ...

in the end i hope the server be a famously same as his name ..
even if i didn't been a GM.

And remember there is no thing impossible,

Best wishs ,
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Power Gm App
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