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 GM Applications

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PostSubject: GM Applications   Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:20 am





Why do you want to be a GM here for:

What would you do when your a GM:

Can you create items spawn monsters host events etc:

If some one was sexually harassing another player what would you do:

If a hacker came on and only done 21million damage what would you do:

If the server were to crash suddenly what attempts would you make or to tell the owner it's crashed:

When did you start to play inFamousMS:

Will you follow the rules:

How professional are you at being GM rate 1/10:

Are you mature enough to manage other players problems and help solve them:

Will you be active alot:

How are you going to help us:

Why do you like being GM in servers:


Please leave your email address down below thankyou.
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GM Applications
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